How to judge and accept articles

1- The method of judging in this publication is based on the method of double blind peer review, during which the judges and authors remain anonymous. It is based on the instructions of the International Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE). After sending the article to the system by the responsible author, in the first stage, the article is reviewed by the journal's expert in terms of compliance with the editing guide and compliance with the principles of journal writing.

2- In case of acceptance in the first stage, the article in the second stage will be initially evaluated by the editor in terms of the quality of the content and the relevance of the topic and will be initially approved. This stage usually lasts between seven and ten days.

3. After acceptance in the second stage, the article will be sent to three related referees in the field of the relevant article.

An email is sent to the referees every week to remind them, and if the article is not refereed after twenty days, the article will be withdrawn from the referee in order to speed up the refereeing process and will be given to a new referee.

4- If the submitted article is fully accepted by the editor of the journal according to the criteria mentioned in the authors' guide, it will be published for the first possible issue of the journal.