Judges' ethical obligations

Each of the esteemed referees is selected from the academic staff of prestigious universities according to their specialized field, who are responsible for refereeing and sending comments to the quarterly office.

• Accepting articles in the specialized field and announcing the referee's opinion according to his specialized field.

• Not assigning the refereeing of the assigned article to another person.

• Observance of the time process considered by the quarterly to judge the article.

Studying and reviewing the article carefully to express an opinion.

• Honest declaration of technical and expert opinions, analysis, critical and influential evaluation of the article's strengths and weaknesses.

• Accurately checking references and keeping credibility in: throughout the text of the article, images, tables, maps, quotations and appendices with accurate referencing (APA reference and citation standards).

If possible, help the writer to clearly and clearly convey his message to the audience and improve the text of the article.

• Not using the content of the article before publication or if the article is rejected.

Report to the editor regarding the existence of any suspicion and plagiarism and ethical considerations in the article.

• Full inclusion of the reasons for accepting and rejecting the article in writing for the editor and the author.