Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 12, January 2015, Pages 1-188 
Factors Affecting the Rural Women Micro Credit Program Success in Ghaem-shahr

Pages 23-45

Amir Ahmadpour; Mohadeseh Abdi Tarkami; Shohreh Soltani

The feasibility assessment of participatory irrigation management in rural production cooperatives in Taybad County

Pages 113-131

Najib allah Salari; Mohammad Reza Mahboobi; Mohammad Sharifzadeh; GH Abdolahzadeh

Factors Affecting Social Responsibility In rural cooperatives of Sanandaj and Kamyaran Counties

Pages 157-177

Adel Salavati; Mogtaba Rostami Noroozabad; Saman Rahmani Noroozabad; Mostafa Bagbanian